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March 02, 2010

Jim Collins Foundation Offers Financial Assistance for Transitions

As of this October, the newly formed non-profit organization, the Jim Collins foundation, is accepting applications for financial assistance to fund gender-confirming surgeries for those transgender people who need surgery to live a healthy life, but have no ability to pay for it themselves. The organization has undertaken a worthy mission to support healthy transitions through funding medical procedures that are inaccessible for most individuals. Their mission is assisted by an impressive advisory
board including well known transgender advocates Marci Bowers, MD and Jamison Green, MFA, among others. 
All those interested in requesting assistance should visit the organization's website which provides detailed instructions about the application process click here. People interested in supporting others in their transition process are encouraged to donate through the website via PayPal or by sending a check to the address provided here.


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Cassie Reed

Just wanted to say I am new to this website read about it I love it. Plus I am seeking help for my transition? If anyone can help.

j collins

Been living as woman for over 15 years. Don,t think Im better than others. I finally got my letters of approval 'bout 4yrs ago. After years of ups & downs with finding the right helpetc. Been working for years even before approved. Even wrote the govt office in washngtn offc. no responce. Know by getting the funds, & just getting it down, whats been prolonged enough!It will help with progress. The system is to ignerent to realize. By making what shouldn't be a process in the first place. The tourment it puts on individuols lives. So worried it there place make them prove, worthy or not they are. The tourment bares on others inthere live, by prolonging , making even harder. It they shouldn't have to feel like a buordon on society,wich by getting it done over with it would help like I said make progress. It would stop the road block. And then some. the waiting and fighting when it shouldn't be one. I'm begging for help to get this grant & get done & over with so the road block wil be over. I've got the licensed, experienced physiscian, with my letters aprovval, a long while. thank you very very much for your consideration & help.

Jamie B.

The links are down and I am looking for help with my transition as well. It is very difficult for me to pay for all of these expenses out of pocket.

Sharleah O'dell

I have been transitioning since mid 1994 and been on HRT since early 2005.I live in Texas and I am on disability, and if it was not for the Veterans Administration, I would not have my HRT. I have been trying to find ways to afford 2 operations that would make my life better for me, but have had no luck. As it is right now, my life is miserable. The operations that would greatly improve my life are an orchi and breast implants. Its pretty bad when your doctors won't lift a finger to help you with anything that will improve you and make your life comfortable, both physically and mentally.

Misty Lane

I began my transtion just over 3 years ago and have been on hrt over 2 years. I live in douglas wyoming and i am the only openly trans person in this whole town and one of very few in this state. because of my transition it is almost impossible to gain employement so i am unable to pay for my bottom surgery. id be willing to move away to gain employement but i take care of my granfather who has alzheimer's. he is the man who raised me and i could never turn my back on him when he needed me tho most. i know there is no way i can live my life with out srs so im desprately looking for any help i can get. having bottom surgery is more important to me then i can put into words.

Lee Mersino

My name is Lee. At the age of 4 my parents found out that I was a
boy, but did nothing about it. I have lived my life as a Male most all my life. The Dr.s have said that I was inverted male. All of what female parts I had were in my back, so they removed them and while doing that they saw that I had testics and they got remove. The dr's have had me on male hormones most of my life. I'm now is the prosence of changing my name which is about $202 and being on disality it's hard to find money just to do that.
I have sen all kinds of Dr.s and they all agree that I'm a male. I still have the top surgery to go and the bottom. I was wonder it there other places I could contact to get help until I can sigh up for the transgender grant. The Dr's have said they know I'm ready to go through the surgery. Please help me.

Thank you

carol beal

does anybody know when the next grant cycle for the jim collins foundation is i really want to apply

jessie kane

Im not at the srs stage yet, or even augmentation stage, but need major electrolysis, the one thing that gets me read Is the amount of makeup i wear to civer up the unwanted hair, gives me anxiety, i have no money and di not wish to go baxk to my old way of living, im sober and tryung to luve an honest life, u need help to further my transistion im 35 live in michigan...jessie


My spouse is seeking financial help but we don't have a doctor or anything, we have no idea where to start. Could someone please help? It is urgent he gets help soon, he needs to see a professional about his harming himself.


Please message me from our fleet page (star trek guild)

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