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February 03, 2011

Welcome Jean-Denis and Mike!

We're so excited to introduce the newest members of the RU12? team! Jean-Denis Coulliard and Mike Bensel are the new HIV Prevention Program/GLAM Coordinators at RU12? and we couldn't be more excited to welcome them to the Center!

Learn more about them here in their own words...

Jean-Denis has long been an active member of Vermont's queer community IMG_4503 and is very excited to be  working with the fabulous men in GLAM and team at RU12?! Jean was born and raised in Vermont, got a taste of big-city life in Oregon and is back for the local action. He enjoys shaking it on the dance floor, getting up in drag (he's Miss Tula Jiddymit!),  reading non-fiction in parks, and generally celebrating life with loved ones.


Mike Bensel I am unbelievably excited to be working with RU12? and more specifically with GLAM. I have a strong queer programming background working with Outright Vermont, SafeSpace and serving on the founding board of RU12?. Having a rich history with the RU12? Community Center allows me to have a strong connection to the mission and values of the organization. As a queer man committed to social change, I am closely connected to the importance of HIV prevention within our community.  Because of the RU12? Community Center’s collaborative culture and commitment to social justice, it has been a longtime personal objective to work toward shared success with such a dedicated team.


Trisha Babcock

Hi Jean-Denis!

My name is Trisha and I live in MN. I have a Trans male friend by the name of Sean who lives in Springfield Vermont and really needs to get connected with other Trans people in his area so he does not feel so alone. If you could send me the info I can get it to him or you can email him at I would really appreciate it, he is going through a ruff time with his treatment at work and being new to Vermont he needs to find people he can talk to and be with.


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