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January 25, 2013

Disability Movement at Creating Change in Atlanta

Photo-2In the words of David Frye "We are here at Creating Change to make a difference and to make history. To put ideas in people's heads that this is a serious, serious matter and that for people with disabilities we are not invisible, we are out there to make a change.  And I think we did make a change, we showed people my story and when they left the conference room today, they said Wow, wow that person has lived it, has seen it and been through it all.  And I could not have done the work that I did today without the help of Peri Jude Radecic and Tia Nelis and Brenda Pitmon.  And I want to thank you all for supporting my ideas for how to help people with disabilities who identify as LGBTQ."  

David Frye and Tia Nelis speaking at Creating Change


Karen Topper

Congrats to David and Tia,
Can't wait to see the video of your presentation. David you are one of the most determined people I know. No matter how many barriers you have faced over the years to create a welcoming, honoring space for people with disabilities who identify as LGBTQ - you always stay focused on the positive and push for more options. And now teaming up with Tia - you are both champions of the sexual self-advocacy movement.
Peace, Love and Solidarity - Topper

Melanie Jannery

So exciting to see this post, David! You did it...YAY!!! I remember it took me a couple years to come through the doors at the new location in Winooski, but that it was your group that brought me through the doors, now feel comfortable coming to other thank you! Lucky I am that you host the LGBTQA Support Circle every Thursday right at The Wellness Co-op now...somehow you always seem to get me (and everyone else in the room) laughing!

See you soon! <3 Melanie & Winston


It has been fantastic to hear about your experiences at the conference and to know that all your hard work and dedication are making such an impact. Thank you for all that you do to help create inclusive, comfortable spaces for LGBTQ people with disabilities and for bringing important issues in our community to light at Creating Change. Too often people living with disabilities get shoved into a corner and forgotten, both in and out of queer spaces. Your work is helping to change this- you rock!

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