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March 08, 2013

New Gay and Lesbian History Award

The Vermont Historical Society's Vermont History Day is a program open to Vermont students in grades 5 - 12.  The newly established Gay & Lesbian History Award will be added to the Vermont History Day's list of Special Prizes, and described as follows:

Gay & Lesbian History Award
Sponsored by the Vermont LGBT History Project
The Vermont LGBT History Project will award a prize for an outstanding entry presenting research recognizing the role of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within Vermont history, United States history or world history.  The prize for a winning individual entry will be $100; the prize for a winning group entry will be $200, with money divided equally among group members.

Full information about Vermont History Day guidelines for exhibits, web sites, documentaries, performances or papers, as well as information about application and submission deadlines can be found at this direct weblink:   Introductory information is listed below.  A full listing of Special Prizes for Vermont History Day entries is available at the website.

Vermont History Day

Vermont History Day is an exciting education program that encourages students to study history and expand their knowledge. It also provides the opportunity to share the knowledge they have gained from their historical research by creating projects for the state contest. Vermont History Day is affiliated with National History Day.

The program is open to Vermont students in grades five through twelve and home study students ages 10 to 18.

Working individually or in small groups (up to 5), students choose a topic related to the National History Day annual theme, which in 2013 is"Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events." The topic can relate to Vermont history or US history or world history.

Students conduct research in libraries, museums, and historical societies, and interview experts on their topic. Using their new knowledge and incorporating primary sources, the students develop their projects in the format of their choice: exhibits, web sites, documentaries, performances or papers.

The entries are then judged by local historians, educators, and other professionals at the state program. Through their work, students gain a deeper understanding of how people, cultures, and events affect the course of history. This year's state contest will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2013 at Spaulding High School in Barre.


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