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June 21, 2013

Northeast Kingdom LGBT Elders Interview


Here's a short (16 minute) youtube interview that one of Northeast Vermont Area Agency on Aging (NEVAAA)'s staff members did with a community member in the area (Elisa Lucozzi, co-pastor at St. Johnsbury's North Congregationalist Church) about some of the specific issues LGBT-identified aging adults face. This was in preparation for the May Catamount Arts screening of movie GEN Silent (

This is not only a nice overview of the need for such films but Elisa also talks about the work RU12? is doing with the LGBT Elders SafeSpaces program. Please drop Jean a line if you have questions, comments or concerns, and feel free to share the interview with anyone else you think might be interested. And thanks Sha'an and Elisa for a great interview!



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