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Call to artists

July 08, 2014

Call to Artists: 22nd Annual Art Hop

Pride Center of Vermont is seeking LGBTQA artists to display their work at the Center during the South End Arts and Business Association’s 22nd Annual Art Hop.

More than 35,000 art lovers from across the state are expected to crowd into Burlington between September 5th and 7th to view art from across mediums and materials. Whether you are just starting out in your art or are an established artist, Pride Center of Vermont encourages your submission. We are particularly but not exclusively interested in LGBTQ activist art and art that explores gender and sexuality.

Last year was our first time participating in the Art Hop and it was amazingly successful.  LGBTQA artists got fantastic exposure, some sold pieces, and everyone had a great time.  Pride Center’s space is bright with large wall space and hanging rods. We also have community space in which to display 3D work.

Selected artists will be featured in our promotion for Art Hop, including announcements on social networking sites, Pride Center’s webpage, and in our e-newsletter distributed to over 1,500 subscribers.

Please enter your submission by August 11th. The committee will notify artists of our selection by August 20th.

Please submit 3 images with title, dimensions, medium, and price (if applicable), as well as a 200-word artist statement.

We ask that we receive your work by Tuesday the 2nd of September so that we can have it installed in time.

We will open the Pride Center’s space on Friday, September 5th at 5:00PM with a wine and cheese reception.  Pride Center will remain open all day Saturday. We will be closed on Sunday.

Please send submissions to

If you have questions or comments, please contact Kim Fountain at or call 802-860-7812.

May 20, 2014

Translating Identity Conference 2014 Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals and Performances

The Translating Identity Conference and Free 2 Be student organization of the University of Vermont are proud to announce the Translating Identity Conference (TIC), a one-day conference focusing on gender and gender identities. Conference registration will be free and open to the public. This event hopes to reach out to the University of Vermont, Burlington, and broader communities and educate us all further about transgender and gender identity topics as well as their intersections with other identities. With multiple panels to choose from at any time, some panels will be directed towards trans people, their partners, and allies; while others will be for those who are fairly unfamiliar with the transgender movement and the topic of gender identity. This conference seeks to translate gender identity to both the queer community and its allies.

Free 2 Be is the University of Vermont's LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, Advocate) group on campus. We are a Student Government Association
(SGA).recognized club and are entirely run by students. The mission of Free 2
Be is "To actively work on creating a safe space for people of all
sexualities and individualities within ourselves, the LGBTQA, and the University of
Vermont community."

        Educating and developing ally communities
        Increasing visibility of transgender and queer communities
        Providing support and safe space for transgender and queer
        Encouraging dialogue about identity politics and intersections
        Advocating for the safety and rights of trans-people in the
        workplace, healthcare, the legal system, etc.

The 2014 TIC Committee will review all panel, workshop and performance proposals.
Everyone is invited to submit a proposal for a presentation, caucus or performance.
Considerations for selection include:
        Relevance to gender politics, policy, strategy and organizing
        Content and panelists dealing with diverse groups and
        Presenter qualifications and experience
        Diverse race/gender/class/age representation among panelists and
        Overall strength of the submission

All submissions will receive a response. Affiliation with the University
does not guarantee that your proposal will be accepted. The notification
process will be complete by late July. Free 2 Be reserves the right to
reject any proposals that do not support the mission of the student
organization, the conference planning committee, or the University.

TIC will be held on the University of Vermont campus in the Dudley H.
Davis Center.  Presenters/performers must provide their own computers and additional
equipment needed for audio/visual technology (specifically Mac users).

All session proposals will be submitted online. The link to the online
form is provided below. Please contact us, if you have any difficulties
with the online form.

For more information, please contact The Translating Identity Conference
Planning Committee at
Translating Identity Conference
November 1,2014

May 08, 2014

Call to Artists- Trans Art Matters

Hello TIC Community and Allies,

My name is Roman Christiaens, and I am a committee member for TIC
2014. TIC is a yearly student-run conference in Burlington, VT focused
on trans issues and identities. TIC 2014 will take place on November 1
at the University of Vermont in the Davis Center (located at 590 Main
St, Burlington, VT 05401).

In collaboration with TIC 2014, I am coordinating a multi-artist
exhibit entitled "Trans Art Matters: A TIC Community Art Exhibit." The
goal of this exhibit is to showcase and celebrate the artwork of local
trans-identified artists and individuals. The exhibit will be placed
in the Allen House Multicultural Art Gallery and is located in the
Allen House at 461 Main St, Burlington, VT 05401.

I am looking for work from trans identified artists in the local
Vermont community. The type of work I'm looking for includes, but is
not limited to: paintings, photography, sculpture, printed word, etc.
The exhibit will take place from October 13 - November 1. A reception
for the artists will be held on Friday, October 31 from 4:30 - 6:00pm.
TIC attendees will have an opportunity to visit the exhibit during the
conference on November 1. The exhibit is located in Allen House at 461
Main St, Burlington, VT 05401.

If you're interested in submitting art, please contact me at Deadline for submissions is September 15, but the
earlier the better for me. Let me know if you have any questions.

Please help spread the word via the attached poster and image!!!


Roman Christiaens

January 28, 2014

Lavender Writes of Vermont

Rainbow handAnnouncing the Lavender Writes of Vermont writing group.  Lavender Writes began as a community writing group in Broward County Florida that included members of the LGBTQ community.  The group was involved with regular public readings and special events.  Recently, a member of this group moved to Vermont and is interested in starting a similar group in the Burlington area.  This group is open to writers (or anyone interested in writing) of all skill levels and from all genres (e.g. poetry, fiction, non-fiction).  This writing group will be affiliated with the RU12? Community Center in Burlington.  If you have any interest or experience in writing and would like to be part of a supportive and committed writing group, please join us for an introductory potluck at the RU12? Community Center on February 16th at 11:30 AM to discuss format, meeting schedule, and vision for the group.  

January 06, 2014

Take a Chance, Belly Dance!

Ever wanted to learn to shake it like Shakira? Belly-Dance-Curious? Or just want to brush up those Belly Dancr moves for the club? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!   

Belly Dance Instructor Christine Demarais, a regular performer at the Vermont Pride Festival, is 
starting weekly all-gender Belly Dancing classes at RU12, every Monday night at 6:30pm. GLAM has joined forces to give you guys a FREE sample the first class on January 13th. 

RSVP and more info

Get fit, feel beautiful! Learn to shimmy, undulate and play the (zils) finger cymbals! 
Belly dance is great exercise for all body types and levels of fitness.

Christine has been teaching belly dance in the Burlington area for more than 10 years. She is currently teaching at the Aspire studio for Essex Junction Rec & Parks. She is excited to open this class for ALL genders at RU12? Community Center!

December 31, 2013

Vermont Burlesque Festival January 24 & 25th 2014

More than 55 burlesque performers, comedians, and variety acts from all over the United States and Canada will grace the two festival stages over a two night period, each night offering a different experience than the other. The time remaining will be filled with scintillating burlesque activities, including a burlesque bowling event, burlesque classes and a film festival.

It is the goal of the Vermont Burlesque Festival to “warm up Vermont” during its coldest month, just when cabin fever starts to set in. The festival will do this not only by entertaining its festival goers but by raising breast cancer awareness and funds for the Vermont Cancer Center, raising money for the non-profit charity RU12? Community Center, and by sponsoring a winter coat drive for those in need. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.50.15 PM

December 17, 2013

Internship Opportunities: Spring 2014

Internship opportunities

RU12? has six internship opportunies available for students in Chittenden County:

  • The GLAM Interns will assist in the coordination of RU12?'s fun, social HIV prevention

    program, GLAM. Two openings exist for this internship.
  • The Marketing and Outreach Interns will participate in various stages of print and online marketing and outreach projects. Four opportunities are available. 

All internships will be able to provide opportunities for skill development, gaining experience in their respective fields, and fulfilling internship or college credit requirements. Interns receive training, tailored assignments based on interests and skills, and supportive supervision from our staff. See below for details!


GLAM Intern:


RU12? Community Center is looking for two interns to help plan events for gay, bi, and trans guys who like gay, bi, and trans guys for GLAM, RU12?’s Mpowerment program. GLAM is a group of young gay, bi, queer and/or trans guys who are coming together, getting out, and enjoying the connections we make. Through building a stronger queer community in Chittenden County, we empower one another, support each other, and fight the HIV epidemic. Glam pride

This fun and meaningful project is run by and for GBQT guys. Interns of all identities are encouraged to apply.

This intern should be prepared to work in a deadline oriented team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of event planning, marketing and community organizing.


  • Attend weekly core group meetings every Wednesday at 6:30pm
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of weekly social events for GBQ folks on the masculine spectrum.
  • Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials via social media networks, through the organizations website and through direct contact with collaborating agencies and members of the LGBTQ community.
  • Help recruit core volunteers and program participants at LGBTQ events in the area.


RU12?  is looking for an undergraduate student in the Chittenden County area who is majoring in Art/Design, Gender Studies, Human Service / Non-Profit Mgmt, Journalism, Social Work, Community Development, Marketing Public Relations or any other related field.  This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, especially with web and social media. This internship would require a minimum of 4 hours per week.

If you are interested in this position please email


Marketing and Outreach Intern:


RU12? Community Center is looking for a tech savvy intern with an eye for design to join our fabulous team. Our organization provides services that celebrate and support LGBTQ Vermonters, and seeks an intern who can participate in various stages of print and online marketing campaigns.

This intern should be prepared to work in a deadline oriented team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing and community organizing.

Experience in HTML or design is helpful but not necessary. We’re willing to train the right candidate.


  • Assist in the creation of e-mail & print campaigns, weekly e-newsletters and blog postings
  • Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials via social media networks, through the organizations website and through direct contact with collaborating agencies.
  • Perform analysis of communications and outreach data.


RU12?  is looking for an undergraduate student in the Chittenden County area who is majoring in Art/Design, Gender Studies, Human Service / Non-Profit Mgmt, Journalism, Social Work, Community Development, Marketing Public Relations or any other related field.  This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with web and social media. Experience with design programs, PowerPoint, Word and Excel experience is a bonus. This internship would require a minimum of 4 hours per week.

If you are interested in this position please email

November 25, 2013

Spotlight: Being a Gay Comedian in Vermont

Did you know there is a vibrant underground stand-up comedy scene in Vermont? And did you know there's even a stand-up comedy scene in the LGBT community? 

RU12? and VT Cares volunteer Marc Bouchard knows all about it. He was one of six hilarious LGBT comics lined up at Vermont Comedy Club's LGBTQ focused event this past weekend, The Fabulous Show.  Below is a personal account from him on being a gay comedian in Vermont: 

  Throughout my life, I've had people around me say things like "You should perform on stage" or you're funny, you should be a comedian".  I would say "Thanks" and think they were just being nice, and that it would be too time consuming to get involved in performance arts. 

Marc B

    In October 2011, a small comedy club in Burlington opened, and I attended their first comedy showcase.  It was mentioned  that they were hosting a weekly open mic where anyone could have five minutes of stage time.  I went home and went to work on jokes, and performed the following week.  I was immediately addicted, and performed weekly at the open mic, attaining the nickname "Gay Marc" because my material was based around my life, and coming out in a rural and conservative part of Vermont.

    As I started performing in showcases, I quickly realized that the majority of the audiences were heterosexual and could not relate to some of my material.  Anytime I have a joke that doesn't get a response, I see this as an opportunity to rewrite and educate my audience on the gay lifestyle.

    It's not about being political, or shoving my lifestyle down anyone's throat (I have something else for that).  All I want to do is make people laugh.  By laughing at myself, and relating my lifestyle to theirs, I feel like I bridge a gap to my straight audience.  I hope to help them see that we have similar issues, and that laughter truly is the best medicine. 

You can preview part of his set from The Fabulous Show here: "Pray the Gay Away" 

November 11, 2013

GLAM and the National Mpowerment Project in Chicago


Our new GLAM coordinator John Chagnon attended a training session in Chicago this past week to gain perspectives from Mpowerment projects across this diverse nation and apply them to our own Mpowerment project here in Vermont! 

GLAM Vermont is part of a national movement called Mpowerment. The Mpowerment Project is a model HIV prevention program that has been specifically designed to address the needs of young gay and bisexual men. Scientific studies demonstrate that the program reduces the rates of unprotected anal intercourse among this group, and thus lowers the rate of new HIV infection.

On Wednesday, 11/13, John will be discussing his findings from the national movement at our weekly GLAM Core group meeting at 6:30pm at the RU12? Community Center. Typically, our core group is for male-identified aged 18-35, but all are welcome to attend this week's meeting, and questions are welcome to see where YOU can fit into this effective and FUN intervention project. Pizza/drinks provided!

 Message for questions or more details. 


John chicago

October 29, 2013

Out N About TV

DJ and Joey are on the journey of a lifetime. At the beginning of October, they set off from Chicago to travel through each state and explore Gay America for a full year in their awesome bus, appropriately named "Priscilla." One of their stops included Burlington for a few days.

OutnaboutWe met up with these guys at first before the showing of "The Worst Thing About Coming Out" at the Film House in Burlington, where Kim Fountain and John Chagnon joined a panel to discuss their own personal experiences with coming out. You can view their account of the experience here.

Later, the GLAM guys were thrilled when DJ and Joey offered to transport us to Snake Mountain in Addison, VT for a beautiful fall foliage hike. We all had a great time chatting about differences in gay culture across the states, playing games and stopping for some Maple Creemees. Check out the pictures from GLAM's hiking adventure with DJ and Joey here. 

These wonderful guys are set to learn a lot about the differences in gay culture across the US. You can follow their adventures via their blog, and even check out their own Pride Logo Wear to get a piece of what they are experiencing. Thanks DJ and Joey! 

Big Freedia, Queen of Bounce

Tonight at Higher Ground, an LGBT revolution of musical proportions comes to life, teaming up with DJ
Disco Phantom!

Big Freedia (pronounced “FREE-da”), known as theQueen of Bounce, is at the forefront of the Bounce rap Bigfreedia3 movement (a subgenre of hip-hop born out of New Orleans and known for its call and response style and lightening speed booty-shaking dance). Performing five out of seven nights in any given week with dancers she calls The Divas, Big Freedia’s show is nothing short of dazzling. She tours every city in America from New York to San Francisco and is always a favorite at festivals such as Electric Forest, Hangout Fest, FunFunFun Fest, SXSW, and Bonnaroo, among many others.

Though gay and proud, Big Freedia asserts that her (Freedia is a he but uses the feminine pronoun for her stage persona) sexuality has little to do with her music and rejects the term Sissy Bounce (the queer brand of Bounce). “All Bounce is Bounce,” he insists. “There’s no need to separate it out. All types of people—gay, straight, rich, poor, black, white come to my shows. People just wanna get out and shake their azzzz and have a good time!” And therein lies the beauty of Big Freedia: She can rock a pair of dangling gold earrings and light up a blunt and chop it up with the hardest rapper around. She’s not a gay artist, but rather an artist who happens to be gay. 

More Info 

October 25, 2013

RU12? Online Bulletin Board is Back!

Banner w mountain

Thanks to our amazing Marketing Intern from UVM, Shelby Mathews we're re-introducing our Statewide Online Community Bulletin Board on our website. Here you can find or post ads from members of your community for housing, carpool or ride share, furniture and personal items, employment opportunities, and more!

  • Do you have an apartment for rent?

  • How about a job opportunity?

  • Are you looking to set up a carpool or ride-share?

  • Having a tag sale?


Here is your chance to get the word out! The board is a bit empty so please start posting!!


For questions about the posting on the board please or call the center at (802) 860-7812

Click HERE to visit the online bulletin board!

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October 24, 2013

PEEP Show: Looking for Performers!

PEEP Show is back with "Open Season" on November 8th, but this time, we get to see FRESH FACES at an all-amateur queer drag and burlesque night.

This is your chance! If interested in joining up and being a part of this fabulous event, LIKE them on Facebook and send a message here. 

More details on Facebook Event Page

Peep show Nov 8

October 21, 2013

Bike Smut: A Film Festival of Radical Pleasure

Bike Smut returns to Burlington with The Porny Express!

Bike Smut is a collection of erotic bicycle shorts made by cyclists, radicals, and queers from all over the world -various interpretations about what is great about sex and cycling!

This year the submissions are from Oakland, Chicago Vancouver, Chicago, Gainesville, Montreal, Berlin, Milan and Geneva! Literally and figuratively all over the map.


This synthesis of transportation and sexuality is everything you could imagine it to be: creative, ethical, aware, explicit, tantalizing, candid, and silly! Since its inception, Bike Smut has toured North America 15 times, and in the summer of 2011 the project completed its first European excursion, playing 63 shows in 21 countries, from Scotland to Turkey. The winter of 2012 took Bike Smut on their first tour south of the border, featuring six shows around Mexico. The Bike Smut Film Festival is now in its 7th year, and the only way to see it is to attend a screening and experience it with others.

Check it out:

ADDRESS: 400 PINE ST. 05401


October 05, 2013

Happy Anniversary PEEP SHOW!!!! (Friday, Oct 11th)



Peep Show brings irreverent drag and burlesque to Vermont, and celebrates camp in all things. Produced and founded by Jonathan Bitchman and Quechee George.



October marks a full year of Peep Show bringing irreverent drag and burlesque to the Green Mountain State. Come celebrate with your hosts Quechee George and Jonathan Bitchman as we showcase amazing talent and sexy funny gender-defying performers!

With Special Guest from NYC, making her annual Vermont visit
The Bodacious Bianca Dagga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Papi Javi takes us through the night!

Hawt Go Go Dancers

Gay A$$ Raffle!

Dance Party to Follow!

$10 Cover
Doors 9pm
Show starts around 10pm

All proceeds benefit RU12? Community Center

Facebook Event

September 25, 2013

Community Calendar Spotlight: Myra Flynn & Gregory Douglass

This Friday at Higher Ground: Myra Flynn & Gregory Douglass SHARED FULL BAND SHOW!

Gregory Douglass is an internationally renowned independent musician with eight critically acclaimed albums and a multitude of digital singles & music videos. His recent spotlight on NPR's "Morning Edition" has coined him "one of New England's best-kept secrets." Douglass has sold over 75,000 songs digitally on his own and his videos have amounted to over 600,000 views on Youtube alone. His music videos have charted numerous times on MTV Network's LOGO TV and his newest single "Naysayer" is slated to air on MTV's upcoming "World Of Jenks" series.  Douglass was a finalist in the 2011 Mountain Stage NewSong Competition and won's "New Stage" competition, an original web series starring Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

Singer/songwriter Myra Flynn spends her career embracing dichotomy. Half Irish and half African American, her original indie/soul/folk songs blend soulful vocals with a lyrical delivery that doesn't let one get too comfortable. As the New England Deli Magazine puts it, "Her vocal influences have as much in common with Ani Difranco and Shawn Colvin as they do with Rihanna and Jill Scott."


Friday, September 27 @ 8pm | Higher Ground Showcase Lounge 1214 Williston Road, S. Burlington VT (802) 652-0777 | $10 Advance/$13 Door *

September 07, 2013

Artists Featured at RU12? this Weekend:

Art Hop Hours at RU12? Community Center: 

Friday 9/6: 5pm-10pm

Saturday 9/7: 10am-10pm

Sunday 9/8: 11am-4pm

FMI: 802-860-7812

**Special Thanks to all of the artists and to DJ Papi Javi for providing our sound!!!


Sue Wilson

  Photo (2)When I look at an object- a ceramic bowl, a stone wall, an oil painting- I often find myself looking for evidence of the process: a tool mark, a brushstroke, a fingerprint or the imprint of a palm. I think of the process of the object's creation, the crafts-person's frame of mind as they worked their trade or their art- their years of experience guiding their hands in the thousands of tiny movements needed to make an object when once there was none. While some may seek to hide the evidence of process in their final work, it is all I can see. And I find myself looking for it every time I touch a finished piece. 



Asher Folsom Sullivan

Photo (4)My work explores various tensions ­ content and construction, identity and community, mainstream and subversive ­ often by incorporating and referencing queer frameworks. I primarily utilize a grayscale palette, favoring ink, typewriters, paper, and analog processes. These particular drawings are part of a larger series that seeks to present an unapologetic queer narrative that frankly addresses queer bodies, relationships, sexuality, and access to resources.



Brian Loring


Photo (5)I’m a local graphic design artist who has done work for various nonprofits including Vermont Cares and Pride Vermont. Aside from my professional work, I design tattoos (including my own sleeve), and draw and paint for fun and to decorate my own place. My monster collection started when I began doodling…drawing all sorts of creatures and features. Then, my little monsters began developing personalities, each as distinct as their features. Raging desserts, cute little fuzzy desserts: I began drawing and painting them all!



Alyx Lyons

Photo (7)I enjoy the performance of photography. Looking through a lens to compose, consider the light, and try to capture what the eye sees is a dance behind the camera, a solitary endeavor yet also a way to participate in the milieu that I am shooting. In addition to being behind the lens and her day job, I am a percussionist with Sambatucada and other occasional bands, and am the producer of Proud Women Play Music.


Eva Bessette

Photo (8)As a lifetime Burlington resident, I have long had a passion for artistry and the balance between

humanity and nature. I had picked up skills in sewing from my mom as a little girl and since then, have completed various projects for fun. In recent years, I’ve incorporated my love of nature into my love of sewing by using sustainable means and the refuse of humanity to create beautiful and useful products.  You can follow my projects and see more items at



Megan Moerdyk

My Story in Jewelry-Making

Photo (1)As a child I thought that I would just magically make enough money as an adult to solve all of the problems my parents complained about. Then reality hit and that dream dispersed. Luckily I was introduced to the skill of yard sale shopping and I started my career as an upcycled jeweler.  I love treasure-hunting in free bins and on the side of the road. I love how this community gives to those who give back. I love to need something and then turn to what I have in my home and realize I can create it with a little work, a trip to a second-hand store and some creative thinking. That’s what I’ve done here.


Milton Rosa Ortiz

PhotoMilton Rosa Ortiz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He received a Bachelor in Architecture from Kansas State University and, practiced in Aspen, under Studio B Architects, Harry Teague Architects and, in Mexico under Steve Conger. After discovering a knack for sculptures at Anderson Ranch Arts Center he relocated to NYC, abandoned architecture and pursued art full-time. Over then next 15 years he exhibited in New York, Aspen, New Orleans, Miami, Paris, San Francisco, San Juan, Kuwait and, Venezuela. His artwork explores issues of the sacred and the profane through three-dimensional allegories juxtaposing contemporary socio-political issues.

 For the L-factor show at Exit Art (NYC, 2003) he presented "La Aparicion de la Fama." A hanging sculpture based on Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress made of fragments of bottles hand-picked from the streets of the Bronx. In 2008 Milton presented Disbelief , a site-specific installation at the Brooklyn Academy of Music where plaster casts of human bodies were suspended from the ceiling as if swiming in an imaginary lake. And, in 2011, he created Pendulum, an abstraction of such a device for the 103-floor main lobby of the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

 The artist is currently working on a large scale installation called Anemone, to be installed in a ship, next Winter; and, on a new body of work exploring the religions of India. 

 Milton is also an BSN-RN at Fletcher-Allen Health Care, in Burlington, VT.


Gavin Rouille

Photo (9)As an artist-activist, I use personal and political subject matter to address issues of identity and equality.  I use several tactics and diverse media such as quilting, protest posters, pamphleteering and other mass media methods. I use messages that emulate and reverse the messages of my target audience in order to shift the direction of the message back upon themselves.  My aim is to educate by playing a neutral role in exposing people to their own willful or unconscious ignorance.



September 03, 2013

Make RU12? one of your stops at the Art Hop this weekend!

The South End of Burlington bursts into celebration of the Arts every year during the South End Art Hop. Fitting into our new neighborhood, we at the Center are going to follow suit and display work from local artists from the LGBTQA community as well. Don't forget to make us a stop during the Art Hop and you can check out our new location!

The hours we will be displaying these works are as follows: 

Friday, September 6th: 5pm - 10pm

Saturday, September 7th: 10am - 10pm

Sunday, September 8th: 11am - 4pm

South End Art Hop

Artists featured at RU12?:

  • Megan Moerdyk - Jewelry/ Metal

  • Alyx Lyons - Photography

  • Milton Rosa-Ortiz - Multimedia 3-dimensional

  • Sue Wilson - Glass

  • Asher Sullivan- Drawing

  • Brian Loring - Painting

  • Eva Bessette- Fiber Arts

  • Gavin Rouille - Silkscreen


July 29, 2013

Art Hop Submissions Due Today!

Review our Call to Artists below and send your submissions to today, to be a part of RU12?s Art Hop gallery!



Call For Artists


Participate in the RU12? Gallery at this year’s Art Hop, September 6-8, 2013, hosted by the South End Arts and Business Association.


RU12? is seeking emerging, queer artists to display during Art Hop.


We are open to considering all media and materials.


Please submit 3 images with title, dimensions, medium, and price (if applicable), as well as a 200-word artist statement.


You must be able to deliver and install your work on September 4, 2013 and uninstall by September 10, 2013.


Due to the reduced space capacity of the Center, we will have to limit the number of pieces and artists included in the galley. Submissions will be reviewed by our Art Hop committee by August 1, 2013 and artists will be notified by August 5, 2013.

July 27, 2013

Submission Deadline is This Monday! Call For Artists - RU12 Participates in the Annual SEABA Art Hop


Call For Artists

Participate in the RU12? Gallery at this years Art Hop (September 6-8, 2013), hosted by the South End Arts and Business Association.

RU12? is seeking emerging, queer artists to display during the Art Hop. 

We are open to considering all media and material. 

Please submit 3 images with title, dimensions, medium, and price (if applicable), as well as a 200-word artist statement.

You must be able to deliver and install your work on September 4, 2013 and unintsall by September 10, 2013.

Due to the reduced capacity of the Center, we will have to limit the number of pieces and artists included in the gallery. Submissions will be reviewed by our Art Hop committee by August 1, 2013 and artists will be notified by August 5, 2013. 

Please send submissions to by July 29, 2013. 

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